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Once in a while, every company runs into a roadblock that they can’t get past. When it happens, it can be discouraging for the entire team and downright frustrating for the business owner. And the harder you step on the gas to figure it out, the more your wheels spin in place.

For you, maybe it’s hitting a meaningful revenue goal. Maybe there’s a job that needs doing but you can’t find the right person to do it. Maybe it’s even simpler. Whatever is holding you back, being too close to the problem can make it hard to see the solutions you have available.

At PDP Forward, we solve problems. As a company, our mission is to provide actionable assistance to business owners that help them achieve their goals while increasing the overall organizational strength of their business.

As your partner, we want to see you succeed. We bring a fresh set of eyes to evaluate your situation, find a viable path forward, and get things done!

Free Business Assessment

Do you know the vitals of your organization?

Our quick, 5-minute business assessment can help shed some light on areas where your business is lacking direction. With a holistic view of your organizational health, we can identify missing pieces and zero in on those parts of the business that need the most help.

Once we’ve identified those barriers, we can get down to business and start tearing them down.

A Mindset for Growth

We work with established businesses with revenues up to $50 million to streamline and scale their operations. Our hands on-approach allows us to work closely with CEOs and their staff to plan and carry out projects that spur meaningful growth.  We know that leading your business to the next level takes a certain mindset, which is why we look for the following qualities in all of our potential clients…


Every piece of the puzzle depends on open, honest communication.


The desire to make it all work is the fuel every great company runs on.


A commitment to your team, your customers, and yourself is critical.


No one cares more about your business than you.


Maintaining a clear vision on what needs to be done is vital.


Success is not arbitrary, it’s a measurement of your achievements.

An Operational Framework of Powerful Solutions

Every company is unique and has different goals and challenges. At PDP Forward, we have identified three operational pillars which we use as our business consulting framework. Every project we take on seeks to address people, direction, or performance. Through these operational pillars, we help our clients scale, fill voids, fight frustrations, and eliminate bottlenecks.


Finding and nurturing the right person for the right job.
  • talent optimization
  • employee feedback sessions
  • engagement
  • retention


Defining the right goal and creating a process to get there.
  • operational management system
  • strategic planning
  • mission, vision and core values
  • company dashboards


Understanding the roadblocks and clearing the path for growth.
  • short & long-term goal setting
  • key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • financial reviews
  • access to capital
  • exit strategies
The Predictive Index
Every business has a problem and every problem is a people problem.

What is The Predictive Index?

The Predictive Index or PI is the leader in talent optimization that empowers entire organizations to align their people strategy with business strategy for optimal business results. With thousands of company case-studies, PI is a scientifically-proven measure of behavioral tendencies in the workplace. When a company incorporates the PI Behavioral Assessment into their operational strategy, they better understand how their employees think and work and can maximize their productivity.

Develop Your People

What do your employees need to take it to the next level? We can help you understand exactly that! With PI, you will learn what your people need in order to be successful in their job and how to deliver that to them.

Engage on Another Level

Are your employees checked out? We can help you identify how to improve employee engagement, correct management issues, boost collaboration, and increase production.

Hire Like a Visionary

Has a bad hire ever set you back? We can help you make better hires, reduce the time it takes to get to know a candidate, shorten the hiring cycle, and recognize potential conflicts before they ever get the job.

See Success Like Never Before

Where would you be if you had all the right people working together? We can inspire your staff, support your leaders, and unify your goals to help your team work together and get the job done.

What is LXCouncil?

LXCouncil is a highly selective network of peer advisory groups for business owners and CEOs. Each council consists of 8-12 members and meets once per month to obtain insight from fellow council members pertaining to the non-urgent, vision-based needs that each member brings to the group.

Successful Problem Solvers

A hand-picked advisory council who help each other identify and capitalize upon their opportunities, and discover insights into their toughest challenges.

Different Perspectives

Peers who have “been there, done that,” speak the same language and have their own unique experiences, bringing perspective and solutions you have never considered.

Skilled Moderators

Each group is moderated by a past or current CEO/executive with significant P&L responsibility, who know and understand the challenges of owning a business.

True Peers

Peer advisors are matched with the same level of sophistication, enabling the formation of powerful synergies as well as mutual respect and admiration.

Hire us to get it DONE!

Most of our clients hire us to do something that they haven’t been able to do themselves. No project is too big or too small. If it’s important to the growth of your business, we can help you do it. Here are just a few of the projects we can help you check off your list.

We can help you with project management organizational assessment re-organization HR outsourcing evaluating options choosing vendors  competitive research SWOT analysis  employee feedback  corporate planning  business plans budgeting access to capital facilitation of meetings employee engagement right person, right role one-on-one leadership coaching


Patty Powers

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs I have always had a passion for business. I was raised in a family of entrepreneurs and then spent 15 years in business banking where I worked with businesses in a variety of industries, in every lifecycle stage. I’ve helped thousands of companies by providing advice, direction, connections, and access to resources to help them scale to the next level.

At PDP Forward, we work with business owners and leadership teams to help them move forward with purpose. We take a customized approach to each client. We offer exclusive CEO Councils that meet monthly, project based work as well as one on one coaching. As talent optimization specialists, we help companies implement a people strategy that aligns with their business strategy. Whatever the challenge is, we help you find a path forward.

Let’s Talk!

Schedule a free, 30 minute phone or video consultation.

If your business isn’t where you want it to be and you don’t know why, let’s have a conversation. Let’s figure out where your business is and where you want it to be — no stress, no obligation. A fresh set of eyes might shed some new light on your situation, and chances are we can provide a little clarity on a viable path forward.

Best case scenario, we come up with a rock-solid plan for fixing your problem once and for all. Worst case, we both end up with a great new connection. So like I said, let’s talk!